Safara Egg & Chicken

Safara Egg & Chicken

Safara Eggs aims to produce 4,461,480 eggs per cycle that will be grade 1 quality egg free from all kinds of harmful and poisonous substances. The Semi-Automatic sheds tends to produce 100000 units of eggs per cycle.

The project started in 25th February 2018. 21 weeks of pullets starts production at the age of 22 weeks. Everyday approximately 90% of the production is collected and operation is ceased when production rated plummeted to 50%. Products are free from hazardous substance and table eggs appearance is excellent and tastes yummy to end consumers.

Our chicken meat quality is strictly maintained through selection of very best quality of pullets, feeds and water, end products are without any residual effect of antibiotics and are slaughtered and processed in a halal way. Table eggs and chicken meat are 100% safe for human consumption.



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